The Programme

My name is Richard Elwell. I’ve learned to think of thesubconscious like our source code. From my own personal experience ofadversity, and my own extensive study of psychology, I’ve developed a provenprocess which short-circuits the vicious circle in which our subconscious cantrap us.

Our source code takes the lessons we learn in childhood and programmes us to act in certain ways, based on certain stimuli. As Pavlov showed, when the bell rings, we get hungry.

But what happens when we want to change something about our life, but our subconscious keeps insisting on the old patterns? Worst case scenario: we get completely stuck. That’s why I’ve developed a set of tools to help you hack your source code … and change your life.

Lots of us know where we want to be, but never seem to get there. That’s your code, holding you back. My programme can give you the tools to rewrite your programming – and make your dreams a reality.