Once you have acknowledged that parts of your subconscious which have been holding you back, you can begin to name them. This is a critical step if you are to move beyond them – and therefore move forwards.

I always emphasise to everyone with whom I work that this stage isn’t about educating me about your problem. It’s about educating yourself. Identifying the kinks in your source code is about helping you understand your own subconscious … so that you can fix it.

What does that really mean, in practice? Try to imagine your life as a book. Now ask yourself a simple question: which chapter are you stuck in? What point in the story can you not get past? What title might that chapter be given, and why are you finding it so difficult? Answer those questions, and you’ll be able to get somewhere.

The thing about your subconscious is that it is hidden. Expressing those parts of it which are holding you back – making sense of the parts of the story you’re stuck in and why – make it possible to look more closely at them – to bring them to the surface in order to challenge them … and rewrite your source code.

This is a fraught process. Naming our subconscious drives can be difficult and even painful. But identifying the blocks in your own mind is the only way you can remove them.