You’re not unusual in being uncertain. All of us are the products of our pasts – we tend to look backwards at least as much as we do forwards. That means it can be hard for us to forge ahead.

But there’s a reason that early humans liked to live on hills. We evolved to scan the horizon. After all, to see what is coming is to be prepared for it; to know what’s out there is to understand our opportunities.

Of course, Iron Age settlements are called forts for a reason – they are designed to be defended, to hide within. My work with you is about the opposite – I aim to help you out of your dug-out and into the world. The good news is that humans also evolved to explore that horizon.

Once you have named those parts of your subconscious that are holding you back, we can begin to explore them and understand them in the detail necessary to overcome them. This is the critical stage of the whole process – it is so easy to rest on your laurels once you’ve found out why you’re struggling to make change.

In many ways, the exploration stage of the process is where my help becomes most important to your journey: once you have named your issues, you’ll need skilled redirection to move forward. The key is to explore every inch of your subconscious landscapes … and in so doing map a clear route to your new horizons.