This is the stage you are aiming at throughout the process. It’s the part where all the work you’ve done – from imagining the change you want to see to exploring and cataloguing all the subconscious tics that have prevented you from making it happen – will bear fruit. It’s the part where you successfully hack your own source code.

I use the word “excise” deliberately. It has the air of a surgical operation – and redirecting your subconscious has to be done very, very carefully. But at this stage you will have reached the point where you will be able to cleanly remove or isolate those parts of your source code that have been bugs in your system for too long.

What do I really mean by all this? Imagine a simple sentence: “Johnny was not happy.” Because we’d prefer that Johnny be more cheerful, and because we understand basic grammar, we can excise a single word from that sentence to make a huge change. After a bit of light editing, then, “Johnny was happy.”

That, in a nutshell, is what this stage is all about. Throughout the rest of our work together, you will have acknowledged the change you need, expressed the things that are stopping you achieving that shift, and explored those blocks in order to understand them fully. All that learning brings you to the final step: removing the blocks cleanly and safely.

It may have taken a lot of work, but once you reach this stage you’re ready not just to imagine your future – but at least to step into it.