Your subconscious is a powerful thing for something that hides in plain sight. It remembers and catalogues everything that has happened to you – particularly in your earliest years. And it comes up with ways to cope with life on the basis of that experience.

But what if you want to break free? Once bitten, twice shy, they say. But that’s the wrong lesson to draw. Don’t let your subconscious programming hold you back – embrace experience, don’t avoid it.

The first step in our work together will be to acknowledge your needs – and the feelings or blocks which are stopping you meeting them. At one point or another in our lives, we all feel that we need a change. But many of us find it impossible to change direction, and some of us give up on trying entirely.

The first step to taking off the breaks is admitting that you’re stationary. I can help you think about your life, and visualise the change you instinctively sense you need. By imagining the place you want to be you’ll find it a lot easier to get there.

Imagine your change. Admit you’re not taking the necessary steps to effect it … and then prepare to learn how to pull out all the stops.