About me

Richard Elwell, has over 28 years in training experience and continuous CiPD. He founded Ethical Influence in 2005, following successful projects in America, India and Kuwait. As an NLP Business Master Practitioner, his thirst for new and exciting breakthroughs never end as shown by Ethical Influences extensive portfolio and training which includes:

REthink – A highly successful process of exploration and self-awareness.

Alternative to Violence – Workshops for the victims of violence as well as people who have been violent in the past

Hypnosis Training

MBNLP High Performance Coaching – a model devised by Ed Percival & Michael Breen; modelled on the top performing worldwide business coaches

PDA behavioural analyst

Everything about Richard’s diverse journey has been centered on understanding the core reasons of how true change happens for people, and how these changes can become permanent. This is what inspired him to develop REthink, a now tried and tested methodology where individuals and teams work with a trusted practitioner to gain insight and clarity in their own thought processes.

Richard’s fundamental belief is that no matter how much someone thinks they want to change, if they have not locked onto their internal ‘why?’ it will never happen. This is the very reason for his creation of REthink.

In addition to working with both individuals and teams, including senior executives in the corporate world and the public sector, Richard is also a published author. His recent book REthink: Clarity Beyond Stuckness is an excellent insight into his revolutionary methodology. Richard enjoys public speaking and is also an active supporter of local charities where he dedicates significant personal time.

Richard is on the management board of Betknowmore UK, a gambling support service, with a mission to provide support and education services to address problematic issues caused by gambling. His commitment to health and wellbeing means that Richard instantly saw a fit with this charity and his CSR commitments.

Outside of these commitments, he appreciates the time he has with his family, especially supporting his two sons in their sporting pursuits, and friends.

Richard Elwell Speaker reel