Are you feeling trapped? Stuck?
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Renewed sense of purpose?


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Your subconscious is a powerful thing for something that hides in plain sight. It remembers and catalogues everything that has happened  …

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Once you have acknowledged that parts of your subconscious which have been holding you back, you can begin to name them …

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You’re not unusual in being uncertain. All of us are the products of our pasts – we tend to look backwards at least as much as we do forwards …

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This is the stage you are aiming at throughout the process. It’s the part where all the work you’ve done – from imagining the change you …

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Are you feeling trapped?


Do you need clarity and a renewed sense of purpose? 

Let me tell you a story about how our brains work. Mr Pavlov had a dog. He discovered that, if he linked in the dog’s mind the ringing of a bell with the giving of food, then the dog would come to expect food as soon as he heard the bell.

We’re all Pavlov’s dog.

Humans have just as strong a reward impulse as any other animal. We like to avoid things that cause us discomfort and pain – and our subconscious learns what to fear, and what to embrace, in childhood.

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Clarity Beyond Stuckness

The Programme

I’ve learned to think of the subconscious like our source code. From my own personal experience of adversity, and my own extensive study of psychology, I’ve developed a proven process which short-circuits the vicious circle in which our subconscious can trap us. Our source code takes the lessons we learn in childhood and programmes us to act in certain ways, based on certain stimuli. As Pavlov showed, when the bell rings, we get hungry …

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Don’t just take our word for it …

Being successful relies on creating and culturing positive useful habits. Richards work helps build on those and re-code your mind to re-shape the less positive ones. What’s stood out to me is the speed of change, understanding what needs to happen and buying into it, real time, in the room.

No need to wait, change does happen in the room.

Steve Smith

Poundland Founder

As a working mother running my own business it can be hard to find the illusive work life balance. Working with Richard's process has enabled me to clear a way to live a life where I now enjoy the results of my hard work without the guilt - happily.

Debbie Golden

“Working through the REthink process helps me in my preparation for interviews, it is a very clever process & I highly recommend using it”

Tony Christie

I’ve known and trusted Rich Elwell for several years now. During our first meeting he helped me to make a really big shift that had been blocking me post tsunami experience. The process that Richard has designed and developed recently is really clever and yet simple. As hands off, or as hands on as you want him to be, he will support you through the process and help you to get unstuck. The book is one thing, but the experience is a whole new ball game, I highly recommend seeing him one to one.

Michelle Mills-Porter



I can help. I’ve spent years coaching and speaking at all sorts of professional events, and in that time I’ve used my own experiences – and those of the many hundreds of people with whom I’ve worked – to create a simple system which cracks the human code.

Each of us, deep down, knows where we want to be. But most of us have no idea how to get there. Without knowing we’re doing it, many of us even stop ourselves from even trying. My programme will help you get under your own hood – and start making the changes so you can go faster.

Drop me a line and let’s get started!